Think Pods

Telephone: 0426 577 227
Address: Unit 36, 26-28 Roberna Street
City: Moorabbin
State: VIC - Victoria
Postal code: 3189
Map: View large map
AL No.LK3777-3233-1
Whether you're working from home, launching a new business, or seeking a dedicated space for a side project, our backyard pods seamlessly integrate with your existing internet connection to keep you connected.

We'll assist you in designing the perfect backyard studio that complements your home's interior finishes. Our backyard rooms come standard with plasterboard and can be painted in any colour you choose. We can even match your home's skirtings, architraves, and cornices for an even more elevated and cohesive look.

Our backyard studios are equipped with high-grade insulation and double-glazed windows, ensuring warmth during winter and coolness during summer. Our commitment to energy efficiency helps you maintain a comfortable backyard room while minimizing utility costs.
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